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LSAW Main Inspection Equipment

The physical and chemical laboratory is equipped with advanced equipments for inspection and experiment purposes, such as microcomputer controlled electro hydraulic servo universal tester, microcomputer controlled metal pendulum impact tester, direct-reading spectrometer, large metallurgical phase microscope, drop weight tear tester, hydraulic blasting tester etc.

Microcomputer Controlled Electro hydraulic Servo Universal Tester (1000KN)
Test the tension, compression, bending and other properties of the metal materials with auto-controlled strength, distance, speed etc.

Microcomputer Controlled Metal Pendulum Impact Tester (600J)
Determine the impact tolerance ability of the metal materials, featured by strong impact power, automatic pendulum movement and high efficiency.

HF infrared C-S analyzer
Analyze the carbon and sulfur contents in steel, cast iron, copper, alloy, cement, porcelain, sand and other solid materials with the latest burning technology.

Determine the Vickers hardness value of the metal materials, which can be converted into other hardness value automatically.

Large metallurgical phase microscope
Digital photo taking and automatic metallographic analysis system with the magnification of 32×-1600×

Direct-reading spectrometer
Make prompt quantitative analysis on 30 elements of solid steel & iron and alloy with high precision.

Drop Weight Tear Tester (50000J)
Test the dynamic tearing and drop weight tearing of metal materials with strong impact power.

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